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I had...a difficult time walking after ankle surgery

Olivia K. - Investment Manager - Westwood, Los Angeles

"I can do so much more with my life without having anxiety in the back of my head about whether I can walk the next block over without feeling searing pain in my ankle."

I had...elbow pain

Charles L., - Business Owner - Palos Verdes, Los Angeles

"It's kind of crazy how immediate the results are with Chat. He's very upfront about the healing process and how you're not in here for a "quick-fix. You can tell that he really cares about your progress..."

I had...tightness and stiffness up and down my back

Jeff A. - Mechanical Engineer - Pacific Palisades, CA

"You feel like certain parts of your body are "turned on" again and your muscles are actually doing what they're supposed to do, if that makes sense."

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