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Muscle Activation for Physical Injuries

It's time to feel better.


What can we do for you?

We treat musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, and physical injuries.
At Muscle Activation LA, we combine hands-on muscle activation techniques and modern exercise science to get you back to feeling your best.
Pre and Post Regenerative Medicine

Prolozone, Prolotherapy, PRP, or Stem Cell Procedures? We have you covered.

Acute and Chronic Injuries

Whether it's been a few years or just a few days, we can evaluate and treat.

Pre and Post Orthopedic Surgery

Want to optimize your recovery and results? Come see us before and/or after.

Muscle Activation

Hands-on muscle techniques to clear, energize and strengthen the imbalances causing you pain. 

Personal Training

Modern exercise science and medical-grade equipment tailored exactly to your body.


Here's what to expect...

We guide you through 3 simple steps to recovery. 


Muscle Testing

It's time to get physical (really). Using muscle testing, we scan the body for energetic imbalances that might be causing weaknesses and restrictions.


Energize and Recharge

Time to get stronger! Using a combination of pranic healing and muscle activation, we clear, energize and treat the weaknesses in your musculoskeletal systems that may be causing you pain. 


Customized Training

Feel better? Time to get stronger. Using medical grade fitness equipment and/or customized exercises tailored to your body, we reinforce the progress you've made with treatment. 

Clients We've Helped


Here's what our clients say...

"A simple, direct, holistic approach to systemically repairing and balancing your body so that not only does the specific issue get resolved but the causes of the issue are also handled."

—  Frank K., Aerospace Engineer


Why Clients See Better Results with Us 

Personalized Testing for Musculoskeletal Imbalances​ 

We hyper-customize each and every healing and training session to deliver the best results that your body needs. 

Exclusive Access to Medical Grade Equipment ​

Feel the difference with medically engineered strength equipment. In addition to skills, we have the right tools for you to recover faster.

Extensive Network of Partnered Practitioners

You can rest assured that you'll be in good hands with one of the most vetted and trusted practitioners in the industry. 

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