The Top 5 Places to Heal Your Body in South Bay LA

If you're missing out on life because of a nagging injury or chronic pain, you're in luck if you live near the South Bay in L.A.

Based on personal recommendations from the Muscle Activation LA community, here are the 5 best places my clients and I can vouch for to bounce back stronger and faster from injuries and pain.

(As a bonus, all 5 therapies are backed by science and used therapeutically worldwide!)

If you're ready to kick your injuries in the butt today, read on!

1. Massage Revolution, Manhattan Beach

If you love the relaxing benefits of a good massage, you'll be happy to know that massage also help with musculoskeletal recovery and repair. When pressure is applied to the body, the blood vessels are stimulated to dilate, which leads to an increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Especially when your body is in need of rest and recovery, massage can help speed the process by triggering the circulation of essential nutrients throughout the body and the release of stress-reducing endorphins.

The benefits of massage include:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation

  • Balanced stress hormone levels

  • Relief from sore muscles and joints

  • Boosted detoxification

  • Deeper sleep and overall feeling of relaxation

Why our clients love Massage Revolution:

Many of their therapists are certified by prestigious massage institutes around the United States. Rest assured you are in good hands. (No pun intended.)

Address: 500 S Sepulveda Blvd #101, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Photo Credit: Massage Revolution